Wednesday August 12, 2015

CRUISING: A social activity that primarily consists of driving a car. Cruising can be an expression of the freedom of possessing a driver's license. Cruising is distinguished from regular driving by the social and recreational nature of the activity, which is characterized by an impulsively random, often aimless course. A popular route (or "strip") is often the focus of cruising. "Cruise nights" are evenings during which cars drive slowly, bumper-to-bumper, through small towns. A cruise can be a meeting of car enthusiasts at a predetermined location, organized predominantly through the internet (in recent times) but also largely through mobile phone, word of mouth or simply by a cruise being established enough that it becomes a regular event. COME BY THE BRIGHTSTAR GRILL TONIGHT AND SHOW OFF YOUR CLASSIC CAR OR BIKE, sit back and enjoy conversation with other collector/owners and have a delicious half priced milkshak

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