Tuesday June 30, 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM BRIGHTSTAR RADIO - Tina Russell of Mt. Holly Celebrity Birthdays include: Mike Tyson-Heavyweight Champion; Michael Phelps-Olympic swimmer and Cody (Rhodes) Runnels-WE wrestler Today in History - 1936 - Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone With The Wind" was published 1938 - Superman appears for the first time in comic books 1953 - The first Chevrolet Corvette was built


Monday June 29, 2015

Happy Monday.... BrightStar Radio Fun 101 would like to wish Happy Birthday to Jason Jackson-Mt. Holly and Martha Bostick-Gastonia Todays celebrity birthdays include: Gary Busey, Slim Pickens, and NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. Today in History in 1995 - for the first time a US Space Shuttle docks with Russians Space Station


Saturday June 27, 2015

National Sunglasses Day, get out there and show off your's The following announcements are brought to you by BrightStar Radio-Fun - the best internet radio around. If you are looking for something to do today, here are just a few options Mt. Holly Farmers Market - downtown Mt. Holly - 8am to 12 noon Belmont - Local Market & Community Garden - downtown Belmont - 9am-8pm The Floating Goat (Cramerton 704-734-8599) and Lake Wylie Kayak Rentals/Tailrace Marina (Mt. Holly- both offer a variety of kayak, canoes, and pontoon boats for rent, Please call or email ahead of time to make reservations.


Friday 6/26/2015

Friday June 26,2015

A SPECIAL NOTE FOR MT. HOLLY RESIDENTS: Smoke Detector Program If you are a resident within the City of Mount Holly, you qualify for a free smoke detector for your home. Our goal is to have every home in the city with a working smoke detector on every level of the home. If you are in need of a smoke detector - Please contact the Mount Holly Fire Department at 704-822-2927 or send an email to

Friday June 26, 2015

Today is National Forgiveness Day -Take someone to BrightStar Grill for lunch to show them that you forgive them - and check out the best of the 50's, 60's, and 70's music along with the best NC Beach music. BrightStar Radio Fun 101 is on-line, check us out. Big Birthday wishes from the BrightStar family to Eugene Williams-Charlotte; John Henkle-Denver; Robert Witchey-Belmont; Ken Shannon-Mt. Holly; Bryan Ballard-Stanley; Joshua Miller-Stanley; Joshua Doster-Gastonia. Today's Celebrity Birthdays are: Derek Jeter, Michael Vick, Ariana Grande, and Chris Isaak


Thursday June 25, 2015

Today is National Bomb Pop Day Happy Birthday from BrightStar Radio Fun 101 Judy Paxton-Gastonia; Grace Godwin-Mt. Holly; Charlotte Paxton-Gastonia; Sandra Fisher-Gastonia; Mark Upton-Gastonia; Tammy Lester-Mt. Holly Celebrity Birthday' s include Dell Curry Basketball great and father of NBA MVP Stephen Curry Carley Simon and George Michael Today in History: 1973 - John Dean admits that President Richard Nixon took part in the Watergate cover-up


Wednesday June 24, 2015

Today is National Celebration of the Senses Day - A great day to test your sense of Taste while enjoying lunch or dinner at the BrightStar Grill and listening to BrightStar Radio Fun 101 A BIG BrightStar Birthday wish to Melanie Mills-Stanley; Angel Buraghs-Mt. Holly Celebrity Birthday wish to Mick Fleetwood drummer for Fleetwood Mac Today in History: 1896: Booker T. Washington was the first African American to receive an Honorary MA degree from Harvard University. 1953: John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier announce their engagement BRIGHTSTAR RADIO FUN 101 TUNE US IN AND TURN IT UP!


Tuesday June 23, 2015

Today is National Public Service Day BrightStar Radio wishes to wish the following a Happy Birthday Ashley Cook-Midland; Peggy Hales-Belmont; Sharon Bell-Charlotte; Renee Ewing-Mt. Holly; Libby Dellinger-Stanley; and Martha Johnson-Gastonia Celebrity Birthdays include American Idol judge Randy Jackson Today in History: 1860- Secret Service was created


Monday June 22, 2015

Good Morning from BrightStar Radio Fun-101 Today is National Onion Rings Day - Stop by the BrightStar gill to get yours The BrightStar Radio Fun-101 wishes our local listeners a Happy Birthday Erica Walter-Lowell; Rodman Falls-Gastonia; Gary Carter-Charlotte; Tracy Walls-Mt. Holly; Alan More-Gastonia Celebrity Birthday's are: Football great - Kurt Warner and Actress Meryl Streep Today in History: 1970-President Richard Nixon lowers the voting age to 18 1981-Mark David Chapman please guilty to killing John Lennon


Sunday June 21, 2015

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! And BrightStar Radio Fun 101 would like to wish the following a Happy Birthday Jim Owen-Mt. Holly; Charla Ellis-Gastonia; David Abernathy-Charlotte Celebrity Birthdays: Prince William Today in History: 1939-American great baseball player Lou Gehrig quits baseball due to diagnosis of ALS 1982-John Hinkley Jr. was found guilty of attempting to assassinate President Ronald Reagan


Friday 6/19/2015

The Mount Holly Farmers Market open from 8am-Noon If you are looking for some water fun there are a couple local places offering kayaks, canoes and/or pontoon rentals In Mt. Holly - Lake Wylie Kayak Rentals / Trailrace Marina 704-827-0000 and Cramerton - The Floating Goat - 704-734-8599 or 704-914-5552. Both places request you call ahead for reservations.


Thursday 6/18/2015

Don't forget your pets, they need cold water too




Wednesday June 17 - Stewart's Root Beer Day BrightStar Radio - the best Internet radio around - the best oldies of the 50's, 60's and 70's and always the best Carolina Beach music. Happy Birthday to the following: Kath Oglesby-Belmont; Kimberly Best-Mt. Holly; and Shawn Mathis-Lowell

Wednesday June 17, 2015

Summertime is the best time for a vacation to the beach, however, due to the recent shark attacks at 2 separate NC beaches please be careful and cautious.


Sunday June 14, 2015

Good Morning - It's going to be a HOT one today so stay inside and tune in to BrightStar Radio Fun-101 for the best oldies and Carolina beach music. BrightStar Radio would like to wish the following a Happy Birthday Merle McColloch-Charlotte; Gina Johnson-Charlotte; April Carver-Lincolnton and Jeff Stack-Charlotte.


Saturday June 13, 2015

Saturday June 13 - Graduation Day in Gaston County - Congratulations to the Class of 2015 BrightStar Radio would like to wish the following a Happy Birthday Boyd Helton-Stanley; Gail Warlick-Alexis; Christy Cook-Denver; Robert Sanders-Mt. Holly; Pam Burgin-Alexis; and George Lehay-Charlotte


Wednesday June 10, 2015

Wednesday June 10, National Iced Tea Day - Enjoy a BIG Glass! It's another great day at BrightStar Radio Fun-101 so Tune us in and Turn it up. And It’s a special day at the BrightStar Grill, come by for Cruise-In and Ice Cream Wednesday. Show off your car and enjoy special pricing on Ice Cream and Milk Shakes. Happy Birthday from BrightStar Radio Fun 101 Robert Ward-Mt. Holly; William Millsap-Charlotte; Eva Knight-Belmont And Happy Anniversary to Nicole Wright-t. Holly; Richard Griffin-Mt. Holly Kelly Smith-Mt. Holly; Gwendolyn Waddle-Mt. Holly; Jody Cash-Gastonia; Scott Ligon-Belmont


June 9, 2015

Tuesday June 9, 2015 - Today is Donald Duck Day, can you talk like Donald? The BrightStar Radio family would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Joe Mullins-Mt. Holly; Rodney Wike-Mt. Holly; June Whitley-Belmont; Brandon Berckman-Gastonia; Mark Mills-Belmont And a Happy Anniversary to Robert Odell-Belmont


Monday June 8, 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM BRIGHTSTAR RADIO FUN 101 Charles Cloinger-Gastonia; Jeff Kerns-Charlotte HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO: John Maslo-Mt. Holly; Eddie & Pamela Morton-Lake Wylie; Amy O'Donnell-Belmont Today is Best Friends Days, be sure to call yours and let him/her know how you feel


Saturday June 6, 2015

Happy Birthday from BrightStar Radio Fun 101 Dorey Dias-Dallas and a Happy Anniversary to Harley Cook-Charlotte and Lisa Presswood-Alexis If you are looking for something to do tonight - go see "Arts in the Park" Enjoy music of the Gaston Symphonic Band and Gaston Dance Theater Ensemble, just to name a couple. The fun starts at 5pm at Biggerstaff Park, 1303 Dallas Cherryville Hwy - Dallas. This is a free event.


Wednesday June 3, 2015

June is going to be a busy month so rest up, take some time to sit back and enjoy BrightStar Radio Fun 101. We promise to give you some of the best music of the 50's, 60's and 70's and always playing the greatest Carolina Beach music. Saturday June 6th, Mt. Holly will resume its annual Farmers Market, stop by and pick up some fresh veggies for dinner and then head to Tuckaseegee Park for the Lego movie. Fun starts at 7:00pm and the movie starts at dusk. Mark your calendar! East Gaston and South Point High School's will hold graduations on Saturday June 13th at 9:00 am. Tickets are required at both school's. Arrive early to beat the traffic and get the best seat .