Friday July 10, 2015

TGIF - Today is National Collector Car Appreciation - So if you have one show it off Don't forget - Mt. Holly's Farmer's Market Saturday Morning Our local Birthdays today are: Jerry Smith-Charlotte, Debbie Ellington-Belmont. Carol Cope-Mt. Holly, Dana Simpson-Dallas and Kristy Whittington-Gastonia Celebrity Birthdays Include: Fred Gwynne aka Herman Munster, Sofia Vergara and Jessica Simpson Toady in History: 1913: Death Valley, CA. hits 134 degrees, the highest temperature recorded in US history 1962: Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested during a demonstration in Georgia. 1979: Check Berry sentenced to 4 months in jail for tax evasion 1985: Coca-Cola Co. announced they would resume the "old" coke Formula

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